What Digital Nomads Don’t Know

I sat down recently with Tarek Kholoussy, the founder of a social impact organization called Nomads Giving Back. 

As Tarek explains in our Q&A, travelers and digital nomads often want to make a positive impact on the communities they call home away from home — but they don’t know how. They often want to better integrate into those local communities, instead of simply staying in the backpacker bubble — but they don’t know how.

That’s one problem that Nomads Giving Back is looking to solve. I encourage you to give the Q&A a read to learn more about Kholoussy’s philosophy, and if you should be so inclined, to discover opportunities to join or support his cause. 

Work On It

Think you’d like to get into social impact work…. but don’t know how?

Here’s a thorough rundown of the 51 Best Places to Look for Social Impact Jobs, courtesy of MovingWorlds, a social impact organization that connects talented professionals with opportunities to share their skills abroad.

Look At It

How about some pretty photos to get you through your Thursday? Here’s Wanderlust Magazine’s collection of the best travel photos of 2019.

Wear It

Sportswear has long been dependent on plastic polymers, which are great for wicking sweat, but not so great for, you know, the planet Earth. Fortunately, Adidas is rolling out a plan to go plastic-free, and eventually biodegradable.

See It For Yourself

Sustainably operated tours haven’t always been easy to find — but that’s starting to change. Lonely Planet has partnered with Intrepid Travel to launch carbon neutral tours, including 200 day tours and 130 multi-day tours.

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