The Most Honest Porto Walking Tour

Featured Experience: The Worst Tours

Location: Porto, Portugal

In 13 Words: A free walking tour for off-the-beaten-path discovery and lively debate.

A view of the Rio Douro, from de-commissioned railroad tracks along nearby cliffs

Is this the worst tour you'll take in Portugal? If you're only interested in photo ops in front of glossy historical attractions and sanitized port wine tasting sessions, perhaps.

But for visitors looking for a free Porto walking tour that'll take them far beyond the tourist center, The Worst Tours will provide a unique, truly off-the-beaten-path experience in Porto. 

Each tour is customized based on what the tourists want to know more about — which could range from Porto's infrastructure to its economic turbulence and local politics to its street art to its local cafe culture. 

Guided by Porto locals with a passion for activism and debate, you can expect your Worst Tour to take you on a deep dive into some of Porto's thornier, more fascinating aspects. If you're looking for things to do in Porto that'll give you an authentic perspective on life in Portugal's second biggest city, look no further than The Worst Tours.


Why Is A Walking Tour With The Worst Tours A Sustainable Choice For Sightseeing In Portugal?

An abandoned Porto shopping mall that's been transformed into a practice space for local musicians

The Worst Tours are a great example of what sustainable tourism can look like, from cultural, economic, and environmental perspectives.

In just a half-day spent wandering far-flung corners of Porto with The Worst Tours, you'll gain a deeper understanding of local life than any tourist ever could while staying in Porto's historical center.

You'll be brought to neighborhoods where any purchases can make a positive impact on local businesses. And by traveling Porto by foot, you'll be leaving a nonexistent carbon footprint — which of course could not be said, for example, for a double-decker bus tour. 

Your Questions About Porto, Answered

Is Porto worth visiting? 

The Lisbon vs Porto debate seems to come up for many travelers — especially those that are strapped for time. But if you can swing a visit to both cities, you'll quickly notice that despite their cosmetic similarities, Porto and Lisbon offer vastly different touristic experiences.

Lisbon has become flooded with visitors in recent year, triggering fears of overtourism among some. So, if you're looking to wander a traditional Portuguese city, enjoy reasonably priced food and drink, and contend with fewer crowds than you'll encounter in Lisbon, a trip to Porto is most certainly worth your while.

What's there to do in Porto?

Porto, Portugal's many points of interest include port wine tasting tours, cruises on the Rio Douro, and for Harry Potter fans, a litany of locations that inspired JK Rowling's series while she lived in Porto in the early 1990s.

However, as a day spent wandering with The Worst Tours will show you, Porto is best enjoyed slowly. Allow yourself plenty of opportunities to discover hole-in-the-wall bifana joints and hidden miradoures. Of course, we always advocate traveling as slowly as your itinerary allows — but at least 3 days should give you a good feel for Porto's many charms.

How can I book a tour with The Worst Tours?

You can email The Worst Tours' team directly at You can also find more information on The Worst Tours on their website.

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