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Sustainable Group Tours in Kenya

Sustainable group tours are ideal in Kenya, a place that delivers a great travel experience. Located in East Africa, Kenya is the ultimate tourist destination if you are looking for some of the most exciting things that nature has to offer. It’s full of unforgettable wildlife safaris, mind-blowing cultures, and diverse landscapes that contribute to a sustainable traveler’s experience.

Kenya boasts numerous wildlife species, snow-capped mountains, a coastline punctuated by sandy beaches, panoramic views, cultural villages, and much more. From the peaks of Mount Kenya and the white Diani beaches to the savanna plains of Maasai Mara, there is so much to experience.

Kenya is a top destination for sustainable travel. With so much adventure to experience, these sustainable group tours come in handy. Ever heard of a hill that defies gravity? Or a natural annual animal migration that follows a specific pattern every year?

Everything in Kenya comes as a package on its own, and to experience it in the best way possible, it’s best to be in the company of others. There is a wide range of sustainable group tours that you can hop onto and travel the breadth of the country. 

The best thing about group tours is that they present the perfect opportunity to nurture meaningful relationships. Navigating the various paths can be tricky. With group travels, local guides will direct you to the best travel destinations where adventure and security are guaranteed.

Best Safari Group Tours in Kenya

Safari is a Swahili word that means journey. In the context of traveling, Kenya offers some of the most unforgettable safaris you can ever imagine. A multi-day green tour from Nairobi to the beautiful upcountry destinations is unforgettable. Some of our favorite group safaris in Kenya include:

Intrepid 7-Day Rift Valley Trip

The Maasai Mara National Reserve: Photo from Intrepid

The Intrepid 7-day Rift Valley sustainable group tour around Kenya’s beautiful Rift Valley region is an option worth considering. Through this trip, you’ll see the Big 5 animals, interact with the welcoming Maasai people, watch birds in Lake Nakuru, and enjoy more adventurous activities.

What Should You Expect from This Tour?

Lake Nakuru National Park: Photo from Intrepid Website

This tour features several top travel destinations, including the National Museum, Nairobi National Park. These tours are what you choose when you want a healthy dose of nature and relaxation. Some of the top adventures include:

  • Stopover at the Rift Valley Viewpoint
  • Birdwatching at Lake Nakuru
  • Seeing the Big 5 animals (Lion, Elephant, Buffalo, Rhino, and Leopard)
  • Boat Riding in Lake Naivasha
  • Interaction with the Maasai community at Loita Hills
  • Game drive at Maasai Mara National Reserve
  • Optional balloon tour
  • Wildebeest migration
  • Curio collection

Expect to meet the distinctive tribespeople with intriguing cultures, wearing brightly colored regalia and beaded earrings and necklaces.

How Does this Tour Contribute to Sustainability?

Maasai Warriors: Photo from Intrepid

Intrepid has embarked on a journey to promote sustainability and local activities. From the panoramic bird viewing on Lake Nakuru and the boat rides in Lake Naivasha to touring the Maasai villages, every activity directly benefits the locals. Through tree planting, championing education in minority communities, and funding several wildlife conservation programs, Intrepid is committed to sustainable tourism.

Visit Intrepid for more sustainable group tours in Kenya and East Africa in general.

G Adventures 9 Day Central, Eastern, and Rift Valley Tour

In a comprehensive 9-day wildlife safari, G Adventures 9-day Safari group tour ensures you experience authentic Kenya and all that it has to offer. This group tour is a well-thought out endeavor so you can experience Kenya and its extensiveness. This tour moves you through the vast open plains of Samburu, through the bottom of Mount Kenya, and to the far south of the Maasai land.

Top Activities to Expect in the Tour

A Local Maasai Village: Photo from G Adventures

This group tour is action-packed, with lots of thrilling activities and adventures. The most popular activities include:

A road trip across parts of Central and Eastern Kenya. You will also camp and tour the Samburu National Park, the famous spot where a lioness ‘adopted’ a baby oryx (antelope) after her mother had died, leading to one of the world’s nature fairy tales; a friendship between prey and a predator. Another trip takes you to Maasai Mara to experience the most adventurous sighting: the famous wildebeest migration.

Other fun activities involve game drives and some bird watching in Lake Nakuru, a stopover at the exhilarating Thompson’s Falls. Get in there, enjoy the culture, the food, and the people. Don’t forget to buy a Maasai sword, leather belts and sandals, and colorful sheets (leso), and some rungu (a wooden club). Here, you can sleep in mud and cow dung thatched huts, jump several feet high with the Maasai warriors.

Promoting Sustainability with the G Adventures 9 Day Safari Tour

No matter the travel style, all G Adventures tours are created to build meaningful relationships with local communities. The tours have been redefined by the local guides to ensure they have a direct positive impact on the people you visit, as well as the wildlife.

ToursbyLocals’ Kenya in a Fortnight

How would traveling Kenya in a full two weeks feel? ToursbyLocals’ Kenya in a Fortnight Group Tour takes you across the country, revealing various safari experiences, leisure activities, and culture. At one point, you are in the wild; the next moment, you are relaxing on the coastal sandy beaches.

Adventurous Activities in the Tour

The Wildebeest Migration: Photo from ToursByLocals

The adventure starts with a trip from Nairobi to the Maasai Mara, where you’ll see all sorts of wildlife and interact with the local community.

After that is another trip to Lake Victoria, the world’s largest tropical lake, with a sundowner experience at Mfangano Island. Here, boat rides are the order of the day, alongside the local delicacies of Tilapia, Nile Perch, and Dagaa (Omena) fish.

The group tour also takes you to a relaxing halt at the green Kericho tea plantations and another tour at the Hells Gate National Park and Olkaria Geothermal Springs. Here, there is adrenaline-fueled rock climbing, guided cycling, and bird watching.

Elephants at the Amboseli National Park: Photo from ToursByLocals

More highlights include the Amboseli National park and Tsavo West National park wildlife safaris, and panoramic views across the plains towards the snow-capped Mount Kilimanjaro. The exciting tours culminate in a beautiful day spent on the sandy shores of the Malindi and Diani beaches.

Yugen Earthside’s 6 Days YOLO Nature Adventure Safari

The Yugen Earthside’s 6-Day Nature Adventure safari is a great way to relieve yourself from the stresses of life. Through connecting with nature and blending with wild animals, culture, and the people, this sustainable group tour is the best to unwind.

David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage: Photo from Yugen Earthside

The tour is a complete adventure in Nairobi, Naivasha, and the Amboseli. It’s a rather short tour, that’s easy to plan.

Highlights of the Tour

The tour takes you to the David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage, where you can ‘adopt’ an elephant. This is done by simply donating a certain amount i.e $50. This money goes directly to the conservation efforts that seek to rehabilitate endangered elephants that would otherwise not survive. This is followed by more adventures in Naivasha and another one in the Amboseli National Park.

The wonderful 6-day sustainable group tour immerses you in various cultural experiences and gives you a chance to collect various items curios, wooden carvings, local regalia, and much more.

Check out the official website for more sustainable group tours!

Origin Travel’s Change Makers, Beaches + The Wild 11-Day Tour

The Tsavo National Park: Photo from Origin Travels

The Change Makers, Beaches, + The Wild is an 11-day sustainable group tour is designed to take you to some exciting travel destinations in Kenya. This tour gives you the chance to see wildlife in its natural habitat. Also, it takes you to serene beaches where you can hang around the whole day and enjoy a sundowner experience.

What are Activities to Expect in This Tour?

There are a variety of activities and travel destinations to explore and keep you busy. They include:

  • Sheldrick Wildlife Trust
  • African Fund for Endangered Wildlife
  • Sustainable activities by Zawadisha women’s group (including plastic recycling, tree planting, etc)
  • Wildlife Safari at the Tsavo
  • Diani Beaches

This tour doesn’t fall short of thrilling activities. Everything is action-packed, so it’s best to come with some essentials, such as cameras, swimming gear, etc.

How Does this Group Tour Promote Sustainability?

Zawadisha Women's Group: Photo from Origin Travel

Origin Travels ensures all activities and practices empower tradition and local culture. Activities such as tree-planting and craft making with the Zawadisha women do a great deal to positively impact the environment and the people. Origin Travels is committed to the humane treatment of animals. All tours are designed to give animals freedom and not to interfere with the course of nature! The tour advocates for the limited use of plastics.

Looking for more sustainable group tours like these? Origin Travels has lots of options to consider!

Best Tour to Connect With the Locals 

The local people of Kenya are highly welcoming, have intriguing cultures, and support tourism immensely. From the food to the traditional dances, every moment of interacting with them feels great. Getting onto a tour to connect with the locals and learn about their culture can be an unforgettable experience. It’s also an opportunity to empower them and support various local initiatives.

Yugen Earthside Mida Creek Village

This is one of the most sustainable group tours
The Mida Creek Village: Photo from Yugen Earthside

The Mida Creek Group Tour by Yugen Earthside creates an immersive experience of a lifetime. This 3-day sustainable tour is ideal for a small group, and all activities promote sustainability.

Through the three days, you’ll explore the creek and village area and pick the activities you want. The tour involves the following activities:

  • Island walks
  • Swimming
  • Canoe rides
  • Local cooking classes
  • Walking through the mangrove forests

Promoting Sustainable Travel with the Yugen Earthside’s Mida Creek Group Tour

This tour off the beaten path is what you need if you want an eco-friendly vacation, to be immersed in the culture, or to be surrounded by nature. Enjoy the exquisite Swahili dishes such as coconut chicken and githeri, connect with the locals, and support ecotourism.  

Best City Tours in Kenya

The Kenyan cities are worth touring. They combine rich cultures, fantastic foods and pack some attractive destinations.

ToursbyLocals Mombasa Full Day City Excursion

Photo of Mombasa City from ToursByLocals

Mombasa is a city of excitement. Unlike Nairobi, it is a bit laid back, hotter, and scenic. The ToursByLocals Mombasa Full Day City Excursion trip takes you to the following destinations:

  • Akamba wood carvings
  • Natural spice market
  • Fort Jesus and Old Town
  • Hindu temple
  • Elephant Tusks’ landmark

While this tour is a bit short, it helps you understand Mombasa city in a nutshell.

Best Tours for Volunteers in Kenya

Through responsibly operated volunteer tours, you can lend a hand to local communities while having a lifetime adventure. Volunteer-themed group tours turn your vacation into a fulfilling experience as you can give back to the local communities.

International Volunteer HQ (IVHQ) Kenya Travel and Tours

The IVHQ Group Tour: Photo from IVHQ Website

The IVHQ Kenya Travel and Tours group tours offer a mixture of travel and volunteering in rural villages and the big towns. Enjoy the breathtaking scenery while immersing in the culture and interacting with the local people.

What are the Activities to Experience in this Tour?

This tour incorporates lots of activities, including:

  • Nairobi City tour (Crocodile Farm, Elephant Orphanage, Nairobi Animal Orphanage, Monkey Part)
  • Artifact collection from local craftspeople
  • Maasai Market Tour
  • Kibera slum tour and feeding program
  • Mombasa weekend trip
  • Outreach at several informal settlements
  • Safari tour at Maasai Mara and Lake Nakuru National Park

Is this Tour Sustainable?

Sustainable Group Activities: Photo from IVHQ

All the above activities are designed to help local communities and benefit the disadvantaged in the villages. Besides, some of the money generated from the tour is directed towards charitable activities. IVHQ advocates for equity and the uplifting local communities.

Visit the International Volunteer HQ to learn more about this tour and see how you can impact lives through sustainable tourism and volunteering! Contact us for a 10% discount on your registration fee.

Best Single Day Tours and Experiences

Single-day tours are ideal if you are looking for a quick escape, maybe to unwind or utilize the free time. There are so many single-day tours in Kenya, so ensure you make the best of your day!

I Like Local Kibera Tour

Kibera is Africa’s largest informal settlement, and the ‘I Like Local’ Kibera Tour can significantly impact the world! This tour helps you understand the everyday daily life in Kibera.

What Activities Should You Expect in this Tour?

Some of the activities in this tour include:

  • Visiting the local businesses, from art shops to jewelry
  • Touring the HIV & AIDS Empowerment project
  • Scenic views at the Kibera Viewpoint

There are so many small activities to make your day a thrilling one. If you want to be charitable to the community, this is an ideal single-day tour.

Promoting Sustainability With the ‘I Like Local’ Group Tour

Being Africa’s largest informal settlement, a tour in Kibera can impact several people. The HIV & Aids Empowerment program helps foster knowledge to curb the spread of the disease. On the other hand, collecting some artistic items and jewelry from the shops does a great deal in uplifting the locals.

Visit I Like Local to learn more about how you can tour Kibera and empower the community. 

Choosing the best Sustainable Group Tours

Kenya isn’t short of adventurous activities. Choosing a sustainable group tour ensures that the natural resources and rich culture of Kenya remain preserved and enhanced, rather than depleted by tourism. When looking for sustainable touring, it’s best to avoid being misled, as almost everyone has adopted the ‘eco’ and ‘sustainable’ tourism, even when it isn’t. Always consider sustainable group tours that positively impact the environment, empower local communities, and that support tourism.

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