Best Tanzania Tours for Sustainable Travel

Tanzania is a premier travel destination. Its abundance of flora and fauna makes it a fascinating country. From action-packed wildlife safaris and beach tours to socializing with local communities, there is no limit to the adventure you can have in Tanzania.

Some of the highlights of Tanzania include the expansive Serengeti National Park, the towering Mount Kilimanjaro, the annual wildebeest migration, epic Zanzibar beaches, and much more. If you are in for an authentic African adventure, Tanzania offers you the opportunity to experience the African way of life, firsthand.

One of the best ways to see Tanzania is through group tours, and we recommend choosing a sustainable tour. These tours allow you to have a positive impact on the wildlife, on the environment, and on the humans you meet along the way.

In this article, we have compiled our favorite sustainable group tours:

Best Tanzania Safari Tours

A Tanzania safari tour reveals wildlife in its natural habitat, showcasing numerous species such as the big 5 animals (Lion, Elephant, Buffalo, Leopard, and Rhino), wildebeests, crocodiles, and birds, etc. Here are some great sustainable safari tours for exceptional animal viewing and other impressive adventures:

Intrepid Wild Landscape Tour

This is one of our favourite Tanzania wildlife safaris. Based in Northern Tanzania, the Intrepid Premium Safari Tour takes you across beautiful and unforgettable African landscapes. It’s an excellent opportunity to explore the country in its breadth and what it has to offer.

What to Expect from this Safari Tour

In 8 adventurous days, you will visit some of Tanzania’s spectacular destinations, including game parks, mountains, and other epic landscapes. Some of the tour highlights include:

  • Game drive at the Serengeti National Park
  • Visit to the Ngorongoro Crater conservation area
  • Night camping at the Serengeti eco-friendly camps
  • Visit to the Tengeru farmers
  • Game drive at the Tarangire National Park

Is this Tanzania Safari Tour Sustainable?

Intrepid ensures this group tour leaves behind a positive impact on the local people and the wildlife. First, all tour guides are locals with excellent knowledge of all destinations. Second, Intrepid ensures you lodge in eco-friendly camps that emphasize ethical practices such as responsible campfires and leaving no trace.

G Adventures Kilimanjaro, Serengeti, and Zanzibar Tour

The G Adventures Kilimanjaro to Zanzibar Tour is a complete package for traveling to the most exciting Tanzania travel destinations. From the highest peak in Africa to the sandy beaches of Zanzibar, this 19-day tour is full of adventure. It mixes wildlife experiences with some adrenaline-filled mountain climbs and flamboyant beach life.

What to Expect from the Tour

Throughout the 19 days, you will visit perhaps some of the best travel destinations in Africa. This group tour features:

  • Camping at the Machame camp
  • Hiking at the lower slopes of Mt Kilimanjaro
  • Touring the Kibo peak
  • Passing below the Helm Glacier
  • Hiking at night to the summit
  • Wildlife safari in Lake Manyara National Park
  • Safari drive at the Serengeti
  • Visiting authentic Maasai villages
  • Exploring Arusha town
  • Snorkeling and touring the Zanzibar Island
  • Visiting local spice plantations
  • Adventure at the white-sand beaches

This tour is full of fun and adventure. All activities are epic and will be a once-a-lifetime experience.

Why Tour With G Adventures?

This green tour takes you across the beautiful Northern Tanzania region, allowing you to explore wildlife and unique local culture. G Adventures has a robust animal welfare policy. This policy outlines what you should do and what to avoid when traveling. Some of these practices include:

  • Keeping natural habitat litter-free
  • Avoiding any disturbances
  • Visiting genuine conservation centers and sanctuaries
  • Avoiding feeding animals
  • In case of domesticated animals such as horses, donkeys, and camels, riding only on well cared animals
  • Avoiding touching or coming close to animals

Besides animal welfare, G Adventures participates in other social and environmental initiatives. The organization has strategic partnerships to eliminate single-use plastics in its tours. 

When it comes to visiting local communities and immersing in cultural activities, G Adventures advises its tour members on the interaction practices. All tour guides are from the local communities. They have knowledge of all tour destinations, local restaurants, and accommodation facilities. The use of local service providers ensures the tour can make a positive economic impact on the local people.

Enchanting Travels Southern Wild and Beach Tour

Are you looking for bush walks, boat safaris, and game tours? Unlike most Tanzania tours that concentrate on the northern part, the Enchanting Travels Southern Wild and Beach Tour takes you off the beaten path in the southern region. And just like its name, this sustainable group tour is truly enchanting. 

The scenery at Ruaha and the Songo Songo provide a breathtaking experience. The Songo Songo Archipelago is made of five small islands with sandy beaches, coconut trees, and lots of birds. Ruaha is dominated by huge baobabs trees and elephants.

What to Expect from the Tour

Starting from the bustling metropolis of Dar es Salaam, this tour packs a variety of larger-than-life adventures. These adventures include:

  • Game drive at the Ruaha National Park
  • Game drive at the Nyerere National Park
  • Boat rides at the Rufiji River
  • Guided bushwalk at the Nyerere National Park
  • Tour at the Songo Songo Archipelago, an ecological hotspot
  • A day at the Dar es Salaam National Museum and House of Culture
  • Sunbathing at the tropical white sandy beaches

This tour is a mixture of city life, wildlife safari, and beach adventures. Enchanting Travels can offer a customized travel experience to ensure you get the most out of the tour.

Is this Tour Sustainable?

Enchanting Travels is at the forefront when it comes to responsible travel. First, the organization has an animal welfare policy with best practices such as:

  • Supporting partners that engage in anti-poaching activities
  • Adopting the 5 animal Freedoms (Freedom from fear, hunger, discomfort, pain and hunger)
  • Prohibiting animal experiences that involve wild animals performing 
  • Prohibiting feeding of animals
  • Avoiding animal experiences that involve interaction with animals in captivity
  • Avoiding cruel animal sports such as bullfighting, cockfighting, trophy-hunting, etc

Enchanting Travel allows its tour members to select responsible actions such as ec0-conscious accommodation that contribute to animal welfare. Also, the organization supports both local and global initiatives such as:

  • Funding local education
  • Partnering with carbon offset programs
  • Supporting women entrepreneurs
  • Contributing to charitable organizations
  • Employing local chauffeurs and guides

G Adventures designs its tours to positively impact both the environment and the local communities.

Best Tanzania Tours for Birders

Birding in Africa can be thrilling. With thousands of species roaming freely in their habitats, there is so much for you to explore.

Tanzania Birding & Migration Safari Tour by Expect in Africa

If you enjoy bird watching, this tour is the ultimate. The Tanzania Birding & Migration Safari Tour takes you to thrilling bird habitats you couldn’t imagine. Tanzania is home to over 1400 bird species, making it home to one of the most incredible destinations for birders in the world. From Shoebills and Marabou to Hornbills and the gigantic Marshall Eagles, you will encounter many unique birds.

Highlights of the Tour

The highlights of this tour include:

  • Birding in Arusha National Park
  • Birding in Tarangire National Park
  • Birding in Lake Manyara
  • Drive into the Serengeti
  • Experiencing Birds and Wildlife in the Serengeti plains
  • Birding in the Ngorongoro Crater

Throughout the tour, you will explore thousands of bird species. Since understanding the various bird species can be difficult, the tour has bird specialists to guide you through the different species. The local guides are full of heart and spirit, so you can be sure of an enriching adventure.

Is this Tour Sustainable?

Expect in Africa Safari ensures all viewing activities do not disturb birds in their natural habitat. Tourists can only view from designated places and can’t go close in such a way as to disturb birds. The organization contributes funding to the protection of endangered species such as owls and the Taita Apalis.

Best Tanzania Tours to Connect With Locals

Tanzania has about 120 different ethnic groups with incredible cultures and lifestyles. Here are some of the best tours to connect with the local people and learn their culture:

ToursbyLocals Full Day Maasai Village Tour

If you have been relishing the idea of experiencing the Maasai culture, the ToursbyLocals Maasai Village Tour is an exciting option. The Maasai have a distinct culture and lifestyle, highlighted by their clothing, dances, and housing. Red is an important color in Maasai clothing, and you will frequently see men wearing the traditional Shuka robe in red. This strong color is believed to scare off lions. Women also wear bright colors usually with many beads. The Maasai are famous for their beaded jewellery. You can watch, or even attempt to match, the very high jumping dance of the moran (Maasai warriors). To suit a traditionally nomadic lifestyle Maasai homes are semi-permanent, built by women, and have no windows.

They are highly welcoming, and with their laid-back way of life, you will have an unforgettable adventure.

What to Expect from the Tour

This 1-day tour involves lots of activities, including:

  • Visit the Moran (Maasai Warrior) residences
  • Learn various cultural activities (initiations, dowry, traditional medicine, etc.)
  • Learn in-house activities such as food preparation
  • Engage in cultural dances

Is this Tour Sustainable?

From the local guides to the day activities, everything is designed to positively impact the local communities. The local guides benefit directly from the proceeds of each tour. Also, the organization sources its tour items from local vendors. ToursbyLocals funds community-focused initiatives, especially in health and education.

Marangu Cultural Tour with Kilisa Tours

Nestled on the fertile slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, the Marangu area is home to the Chagga tribe. This Marangu Cultural Tour allows you to connect with the people and learn their way of life and history. Brimming with tradition, you will be able to immerse yourself in various cultures and experience an action-packed trip.

What to Expect from the Tour

This day trip has everything, from cuisine and lively conversation to culture and caves. Some of the top activities include:

  • A stop at the bijou coffee firm
  • Visit to the Chagga Underground caves
  • Visit to the Chagga Live Museum to get insights into traditional life
  • Visit to the Ndoro Waterfalls
  • Indulge in traditional banana wine (if you don’t mind)
  • Try a hand at roasting and preparing your own coffee

The tour is full of culinary and cultural experiences. It’s one of our favorites for experiencing African culture firsthand.

Best Tanzania City Tours

Tanzanian cities are full of life and adventure. Whether you are in Dar es Salaam, Mwanza, Arusha, or Dodoma, there is so much to explore.

Tours by Locals Dar es Salaam City Tour

Dar es Salaam, which loosely translates to the harbor of peace, is an old city rich in history, architecture, and culture. It has a wide range of attractions, including art galleries, museums, local markets, and shopping malls. With undisputed knowledge of the city, the local guides will ensure you have a memorable tour.

The Dar es Salaam City Tour includes visits to the following destinations:

  • The National Museum
  • Kariakoo market bazaar
  • Mwenge Curio shops
  • The Sultan Majid building
  • Kunduchi settlement site
  • White Fathers’ Missionary house
  • The Fish Market

With ToursbyLocals, you can get a customized experience that fits your needs.

Choosing the Best Tanzania Tours for Sustainable Travel

If you are looking for authentic, sustainable travel, these group tours are exceptional. Enjoy the African experience!

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