Best Cycling Adventures Around the World

Cycling is one of the most sustainable means of travel. It causes no environmental damage, takes up little space, and contributes to a healthy lifestyle. With cycling, we also reduce noise pollution, something that auto traffic contributes to in most cities and towns.

Cycling is relatively affordable and safe and makes humans healthier and cities more sustainable. Also, cycling complements carbon offsetting and is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Whether you are using a bike for long trips, running errands, commuting, or as an alternative to motor vehicle transport, it’s a great way of traveling.

In this article, you’ll discover the best adventure cycling tours around the world. Whichever you choose, you’ll experience incredible rides and luxury. Read on!

Best Cycling Adventures in North America

Imagine yourself cycling through America's stunning landscapes while enjoying North America’s spectacular scenery. Some of the best bike tours wind through the beautiful countryside and towns in America.  Here are our favorite cycling adventures in North America:

Blue Ridge Parkway, Virginia, USA

Best Cycling Tours in North America
Photo Credit: Blue Ridge Parkway

Cycling through Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains allows you to discover amazing backdrops. This scenic 29-mile byway provides a challenging yet thrilling experience for cyclists. While it’s a bit challenging, cyclists find it manageable.

The Blue Ridge Parkway is not for everyone. The high mountainous elevation provides a challenge even for the most experienced bikers. The descends are thrilling, but you have to tackle tricky climbs. Ideally, you want to be a fit and probably experienced cyclist if you want to conquer these routes.

All you need is to understand the route perfectly and the challenges it presents, as there are numerous climbs and descends to tackle. Also, use the carefully placed road signs to prepare for conditions ahead.

Big Sur to Monterey, California, USA

Where would one find a more dramatic coastal riding stretch than Big Sur? The Big Sur coastline offers you spectacular scenery while you ride. It is one of the world's great bike riding experiences. 

Besides cycling, you can stopover to savor the fresh seafood offered in the luxury inns and hotels and taste the Santa Ynez Valley wine. You can take your bike, hire one from the numerous bike rentals around Big Sur. Since this area also experiences a lot of car traffic as well, plan your bike ride during offseasons, such as during spring and fall.

Vermont, New England to Montreal, Quebec, Canada

The 112-mile road section between Vermont and Quebec is ideal for all bikers looking for adventure cycling. The riding begins at the shores of Lake Champlain and continues north past the mighty Saint Lawrence River before culminating in Montreal. What's really cool about this ride is the part that goes over the Saint Lawrence! You go island hopping on specially created bike paths to cross the River!

Remember, when you cross the Saint Lawrence River you are crossing an international border so pack the necessary paperwork. Think of a leisure ride through the Green Mountains, quaint country houses, pristine lakes, and serene valleys while savoring the fresh air.

This tour is classified as an intermediate one. It invites riders to the enchanting European influences in the region. There are various route options to choose from, either through countryside roads or bike paths. You’ll find other cyclists, and you can make new friends while having a great adventure.

Riders can rest at Vermont’s vineyards and wineries. There are lots of accommodation facilities on the way to ensure you can relax and prepare for more challenges ahead. Whether you're starting or ending in Montreal you will love to spend some time in this incredible city. Be sure to visit Old Montreal for a truly European experience.

The Cabot Trail, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada

Best bike tours in Canada
Photo Credit: Novascotia

The Cabot Trail is famous for numerous reasons. It is ideal for hiking and road trips and is an excellent choice for travelers looking to relax and unwind. Think of quaint fishing villages, inspiring vistas, and beautiful switchbacks. Sounds amazing!

The 200-mile loop carved into the jaw-dropping Cape Breton Island provides the ideal adventure for cyclists. It starts and ends in Sydney, Nova Scotia and features dramatic highland scenery and vivid ocean views. The magnificent coastal topography presents exciting and delightful challenges and offers many memorable experiences.

Here, you can choose the trail counter-clockwise if you want to have fantastic sea sightings. Alternatively, you can choose to ride clockwise if you love cycling on the hills. Regardless of how you prefer to go about it, you can be sure of a refreshing experience.

Desierto de los Leones, Mexico City

Do you love cycling at high altitudes? Desierto Mountain has over 10 thrilling trails. However, the 24 km Desierto De Leones trail is perhaps the most adventurous. It has an elevation of about 1100 metres and has excellent tracks, long sections of boulders and rock drops, and other great spots for bike riding.

This trail presents lots of climbing and descending. If you want to go cycling here, it’s best to go with a suspension or trek bike that can handle the relatively rough dirt roads.

Best Cycling Adventures in Europe

Cycling in Europe captures your heart as you paddle through ancient architectural gems, epic mountain passes, and slow-paced countryside regions. Here are our most adventurous cycling tours that will delight you and create lasting memories:

Camel Trail, Cornwall, England

The Camel Trail is an adventurous 18-mile cycleway in Cornwall, England. It starts at the Wenford bridge and ends at Padstow, allowing cyclists to explore some of England’s strikingly contrasting countryside and amazing wildlife. It attracts numerous cyclists all year round due to its ease and flatness.

The Padstow section provides the most spectacular sightings. This fishing village also has fabulous eateries and fantastic cliffs. The section from Wadebridge to Bodmin is flat, with a slight ascend as you get near Bodmin. On the sides are beautiful woodlands and plenty of stops. Due to the large number of cyclists present, there are plenty of bike rentals to hire a bike if you don’t have one.

Catalonia, Spain

Adventure cycling in Catalonia
Photo Credit: Cycling Locations

There are numerous bike riding routes in Catalonia. Cycling in Catalonia is the ultimate experience, whether you want to cycle for fun or push yourself to physical limits. Catalonia offers the perfect cycling destinations, from the high Pyrenees peaks to the low Mediterranean sections. There are beautiful attractions everywhere, from gorgeous landscapes to amazing medieval villages.

An adventure cycling from the Pyrenees to the coast is our favorite pick. The Pyrenees Mountains present incredible sightings, while the rolling farmland and lush green valleys enhance your cycling experience.

A Catalonia tour presents other excursions besides cycling. You can stopover at Costa Brava to eat your favorite Spanish dishes, walk in the hot Mediterranean weather, or swim in the sea.

Asciano to Arbia, Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany is a rich area for tourists with its unforgettable countryside, stunning architecture and history. Apart from that, it’s one of Italy’s most fantastic cycling destinations. A cycling tour will take you through fair road sections that you can tackle easily.

This 18km stretch descends from Asciano to Arbia. This landscape is characterized by a rich agricultural environment, cypress forests, and gently rolling hills. Tuscany also provides wonderful wine tasting opportunities. You can make stops at the cafes and pizzerias for a real wine treat.

Best Cycling Adventures in Africa

A rejuvenating cycling adventure in Africa allows you to discover captivating landscapes, beautiful sceneries and interact with friendly locals. Here are our favorite adventure cycling expeditions in Africa:

Hell’s Gate Cycling Tour, Naivasha, Kenya

Best cycling adventures in Africa
Photo Credit: Kenya Wildlife Services

Hell’s Gate is a famous tourist destination for various reasons. It has numerous wildlife species and deep gorges often referred to as the ‘gates to hell.’ Hell’s Gate also provided the setting for the Lion King movie.

It has a stunning cycling trail with panoramic views from Fischer’s Tower towards Lake Naivasha. It’s a safe place to cycle and you don't need to be concerned about any hostile wild animals.

Cycling allows you to explore the larger part of the Hell’s Gate National Park and view zebras and giraffes grazing at a distance. You can go with your own bike or rent one at the Elsa Gate on the south. The route is a gravel/dirt road with minimal traffic, with slight descends and ascends.

Cape Town Cycle Tour in South Africa

A cycle tour through Cape Town welcomes you to epic adventures and natural beauty. Cape Town is among the most bike-friendly cities and hosts numerous cycling events all year round. There are over 450 km of cycle lanes across the city with several off-road trails.

Cycle groups and local authorities encourage cycling to decrease congestion, maintain an eco-friendly city, and achieve an active lifestyle.

If you want to cycle outside the bustling city, you can take the iconic route from Theewaterskloof to Franschhoek. This route is smooth, with stunning views across the valleys and wineries.

Best Cycling Adventures in South America

Latin America is a cyclist's delight. The warm climate, cultural traditions, vivid colors, and breathtaking sightings create the perfect setting for cycling. Here are our favorite, irresistible South American cycling tours:

Lima Coast Biking Tour, Peru

The city of Lima, Peru, sits on the Pacific Coastline. If you want to tour Peru, Lima should be your first visit. It has spectacular views, great food, and some of the world’s best cycling adventures.

A cycling tour from Lima to the Cordillera Blanca is perhaps the most iconic bike adventure in South America. The rugged trails averaging 500 km present different circumstances, from rocky gardens to mountain passes. This multi-day epic adventure is ideal for novice cyclists to experienced professionals. It’s a unique riding destination for tourists and comes in handy if you want to explore the Andes.

San Cristobal Hill Bike Tour

How about a Chile cycling tour? A mountain cycling adventure to the San Cristobal Hill introduces you to narrow tracks and back roads with panoramic views over Santiago. It allows you to explore the city by paddling through bike paths and different parks.

Cycling up the San Cristobal Hill is a medium to a difficult challenge, depending on the route you choose. The peak provides a 360-degree view over Santiago and is considered among the most beautiful viewpoints in the country. The 2-mile descent is pretty easy, provided you don't speed downhill.

Best Cycling Adventures in Australia and New Zealand

Australia & New Zealand is a beautiful region with natural beauty, vast outback countryside, and many wildlife attractions. Bicycling tours in the world’s smallest continent presents epic sightings and wild outdoor adventures.

Here are our favorite bike rides in Australia & New Zealand:

Forgotten World Highway Bike Tour, New Zealand

The Forgotten World Highway is a challenging adventure for any cycling enthusiast. It passes through narrow road stretches onto tricky hilly sections.

Here, you can choose the section that excites you the most. The 54 km Tahora to Purangi section is a long downhill ride that’s a bit quiet and scenic. The 50 km Purangi to New Plymouth section is picturesque as well and offers visitors numerous spots for great scenic stops. It’s also a perfect opportunity to experience the west coast sunset.

Cape to Cape Route, Australia

The 123-km route from Cape Naturaliste to Cape Leeuwin is a legendary bike trail through Western Australia’s rock formations, varying vegetation, and spectacular forests. A bike ride on the classic route includes plenty of special places and stopovers.

Ideally, this trail is designed to bring people closer to nature. It follows the coast, the alternating pristine beach stretches with sweeping cliff-tops. Some sections are a bit easy, while others are highly rugged.

You can take a solo bike tour or join other group tours in the region. Trek bikes are more suitable as they can easily handle the challenging sections.

Best Cycling Adventures in Asia

Asia is a land of contrasting scenery, culture, and climate, and cycling is a classic way to experience this diversity. Thanks to the friendly local people, excellent roads, and incredible landscapes, it offers some of the world’s best cycling experiences. While there are lots of incredibly stunning cycling adventures, we’ve picked our favorite choice.

East Coast Park, Singapore

The 42 km East Coast Route is a city trail that combines breathtaking coastal and beach scenery, unlike most bike routes. It’s an ideal choice if you are looking for a less-grueling challenge or a leisurely cycling experience.

This bike ride starts from the East Coast Park through the coastal stretch and culminates at the Changi Village. The route is fairly easy and ideal for cycling with kids. Along the way are waterparks, beaches, and skate parks, ideal stopovers after a peaceful ride.

The Bottom Line

There you have the world’s most amazing cycling adventures to try. A cycling tour is a great way to travel and explore the world sustainably. These cycling tours are great if you're looking for a leisurely ride, or a physically engaging ride. Whichever routes you choose, be sure to savor the moments as you go!

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