Best Cities for Street Art and Graffiti Tours

Street art and graffiti are some of the coolest things to explore while traveling. The most amazing graffiti is found on city streets, usually in the form of vibrant and colorful paintings. It is a unique way to showcase artistic talent and convey messages to the world.

Graffiti has a certain kind of appeal, conveying the culture and the spirit of the place. Graffiti has the power to make streets appear more colorful and thrilling.

Graffiti transforms bare concrete walls and streets into spaces to cherish. Whether walking or traveling in a car, a tour around these cities will allow you to discover interesting art and culture. Read on!

Fort Smith, Arkansas, US

If you are in for a thrilling city graffiti tour, the streets of Fort Smith provide the perfect setting. The intricate graffiti art in this frontier-era city has a unique mystical quality. It can be playful, strikingly beautiful, and sometimes awe-inspiring.

Downtown Fort Smith is home to the most exciting graffiti. Each year, the world’s best graffiti artists converge here to participate in The Unexpected, an art festival that has significantly transformed the rather dormant city into a vibrant art destination. From silos, garages, abandoned gas stations to street buildings, every part has been transformed by 3D canvases and spray paintings.

Atlanta, Georgia, US

Many Atlanta neighborhoods have found a creative edge thanks to the plethora of naturally talented local and international artists. These artists create awe-inspiring murals that give the city a cool vibe.

There is a prevalent aspect of art that covers the city scene. Everything, from high rises and underpasses to crosswalks and building faces, depicts the artist’s creativity. Most property owners give permission to have art painting on their outer spaces, furthering the city’s art culture.

Nashville, Tennessee, US

Nashville is kickass when it comes to street graffiti and mural paintings. The cool street art spreads across the city, and visitors from all over the world come to experience the city’s art scene. Here, murals pop up almost everywhere, and you will be treated to stunning artworks that blanket the town. These murals can be seen on garage doors, shop walls, old silos, water tanks, and gas stations.

The most inspiring street art is found in East Nashville. This area is an excellent destination if you are a mural chaser who loves mystic graffiti's beauty. It’s an ideal place for photography. You don’t have to visit Nashville physically, as virtual tours options to give an immersive virtual travel experience.

New York City, New York, US

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New York Graffiti tops the charts of the best street art in the world. The Big Apple is the embodiment of modern street art, boasting a wonderful collection of diverse art that will amaze you. The graffiti has evolved from subway masks to legalized commercial artworks.

You will find most of the street graffiti in Bushwick, Williamsburg, and Dumbo in Brooklyn. The Houston Bowery Wall is also a great destination to explore magnificent art pieces. Muralists have blanketed the streets with powerful street paintings that create a sense of striking beauty.

Toronto, Canada

Street art is perhaps the best way to showcase Toronto’s cultural diversity, and a city tour showcases it all. The Graffiti Alley or Rush Lane is about a kilometer-long alley dedicated to art. Urban artists converge here annually to fill the blank canvas as the alleys are repainted annually.

Toronto’s art has become livelier since the StreetARToronto program was initiated in 2012 to put Toronto on the global map. This program has since motivated art creators to create blankets of art pieces on the city streets. Storefronts, sidewalks, and alleyway walls display these highly colorful art elements.

Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City is famous for its great dishes, museums, and culture- but it’s also a great art destination. You will find lots of travelers exploring the city’s magnificent streets. From religious graffiti to quirky artworks, these Mexican Murals have some historical significance. Some murals portray historical events such as the Mexican Revolution of 1910, the independence movement, and more.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

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Buenos Aires City tours are nothing but thrilling. Street art is legal, and the world’s best artists embrace this opportunity with open arms. The city is dominated by wall paintings, murals, and graffiti that fill you with a strong sense of the city's life, creativity, and art.

Thanks to the freedom to paint, the city attracts artists from every part of the world. Also, it hosts various local and international art festivals that attract artists, painters, photographers, and art collectors.

The city of ‘fair winds’ as it’s commonly referred to, Buenos Aires welcomes its visitors with its intriguing, vibrant graffiti art that is evident on underpasses, garage doors, city streets, and building walls. Here, you will see the works of famous artists such as Marti Ron. You will also explore the country’s past, especially the political and economic crises that inspired these art pieces.

Valparaiso, Chile

If you are a graffiti enthusiast, you should take a Valparaiso City tour and explore the striking art pieces that give the city a sense of beauty and identity. It is a genuine street art destination and its sheer prolificness gives you a sensation of being absolutely surrounded by this art form.

Besides exploring the artworks, you will also learn about the people behind them. The entire downtown Valparaiso is an art canvas with thousands of paintings on it. The scenic hillside region has the most magical murals and graffiti paintings you can find.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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When touring Rio, one thing comes to mind- its spectacular beach life. However, there is something else that will melt your heart; the bold pieces of art. The tropical colors dominate the city streets and building faces, especially in the suburbs.

This city has elaborate graffiti art from artists who exhibit their artworks in vibrant, stylish colors. The Santa Teresa and Lapa neighborhoods have some of the city’s most famous street art. Some graffiti highlight historical events and the country’s culture, which is majorly based on soccer and music. The 32,000 square foot graffiti on the Olympic Boulevard is the world’s largest street art mural.

São Paulo, Brazil

Touring Sao Paulo is one of the best ways to explore diverse art. Here, street art is legal, and any building can serve as a canvas as long as there is permission from the owner. You can hardly walk in the streets without seeing an artwork.

The neighborhoods of Cambuci and Vila Madalena are famous for bohemian-style art. Most of Sao Paulo’s artworks are cultural or are used to showcase the country’s history. Brazil is soccer, and there are so many paintings of the former Samba stars such as Ronaldo, Pele, Neymar Jr., and more.

Bogota, Colombia

Bogota is a haven of art and graffiti. If you have wanted an enriching city tour that will introduce you to various art, Bogota presents the perfect setting. There is street art in almost every part of the city, especially in the La Candelaria district

Street art in Bogota was decriminalized in 2011, opening the way for artists to express themselves candidly. There are colorful artworks in building walls, roadsides, hotels, and many other places. These artworks mostly convey powerful messages such as women’s rights, climate change activism, racial protests, and much more.

Melbourne, Australia

Street art is evident in most parts of Australia’s second-largest city, Melbourne. All forms of graffiti are prevalent and can be spotted almost everywhere. Besides, Melbourne hosted the stencil festival in 2004, earning the name “stencil capital of the world. During these stencil festivals, lots of artworks were created on the streets, bringing about this huge presence.

In Melbourne, there are designated walls with permits where artists can display their skills and creativity. Here, there is a system of art, and new artworks keep popping every time recycling the walls. If you are on a walking tour, you will be wowed by the presence of thrilling artwork. The Hosier Lane, located opposite to Federation Square, is a favorite spot for tourists thanks to its sophisticated graffiti art.

Lisbon, Portugal

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A Lisbon city tour is what any art enthusiast would savor. The city’s art, which attracts both local and international artists, is a mark of brilliance and culture. As you walk through the city’s steep inclines, you will meet all sorts of hidden art treasures.

The Crono Project that was initiated in 2010 opened the way for top artists to display their artwork. World-renowned artists such as Brazil's Os Gemeos have left their mark in this city.

There are various street art techniques on the streets of Lisbon. Stencils, bare spray paintings, and installations create the perfect art setting.

Berlin, Germany

When touring Berlin, you will come across some of Europe’s fascinating yet significant street artworks. The German capital is punctuated by various forms of graffiti art from world-class artists. Street art is largely present on the remains of the 20th century Berlin Wall.

The Berlin Wall, which separated West and East Germany from 1961 to 1989 at the height of the cold war, is now an art haven. Hundreds of murals dominate almost a mile-long portion of the Eastern side of the wall. Most of these paintings were protests of communism that plagued the East side of Germany. Since then, they have been preserved and have since become key pieces of history.

Bristol, England

Bristol hosts one of the largest street art festivals, the Upfest, which goes down during summer. This festival attracts hundreds of artists who paint walls in the Southville and Bedminster areas.

With a tour around the city, you won’t struggle to come across amazing graffiti art decorating the streets. You will find art displayed on under-passages, side streets, building walls, and alleys, depicting different aspects such as pop culture and humor.

Athens, Greece

The burst of street art in Athens is impossible not to find fascinating. The city of ancient civilization has some of Europe’s most enchanting street graffiti that give it a colorful aesthetic.

The city of Athens is an artistic free-for-all. Artists unleash their wildest pieces of creativity, and there is always fresh paint adorning the streets. Some paintings have been inspired by ancient scientists and philosophers such as Plato, Socrates, Aristotle, etc., while others are epitomes of recent lifestyles.

Johannesburg, South Africa

Johannesburg and Cape Town have a bit of rivalry when it comes to stunning art pieces. The town has large graffiti paintings and murals by both local and international artists.

Here, there are hundreds of striking pieces of artwork with powerful political messages and cultural reflections. Wildlife, a popular attraction in South Africa, has also been featured in many street art paintings. The thriving graffiti culture is evident in the downtown neighborhoods such as Maboneng, Newton, and Braamfontein.

Cape Town, South Africa

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A Cape Town tour introduces you to various things, from the rich culture to cutting-edge infrastructure. But far from that, Cape Town is a premium art destination thanks to the brilliant pieces of art found on the street buildings, underpasses, railways, and the city suburbs.

Cape Town street art was inspired mainly by South Africa’s historical events and activities. This includes the racial segregation struggles, wildlife species, the 2010 World Cup, the legendary Nelson Mandela, cultural dances, and more.

Melaka, Malaysia

Over the past years, street art has blown up in the streets of Melaka, Malaysia. There is a wide variety of murals, especially on the buildings along the rivers cutting across the city.

A river cruise feels like a stroll in an art museum. It unleashes the city’s melting graffiti art. There are stretches of buildings painted with colorful and vibrant murals. You can also find more artworks in the laneways of Jonker Street and Jalan Kampung Hulu.

Delhi, India

The Vibrant city of Delhi welcomes its visitors with a variety of interesting graffiti paintings. The murals are used to spread various messages, from culture to religion.

In the Khirki Village, artists have brought the city to life with these interesting art pieces that beautify the neighborhoods and create awareness. Another destination, the Lodhi Colony, has an open-air art museum where you can explore all sorts of Indian art.

The Bottom Line

A graffiti tour to any of these cities will unleash awe-inspiring street art. There are impressive graffiti murals everywhere, and you can be sure to find lots of interesting artworks. Whichever city you choose, you will be treated to the unique, amazing art scenes that create a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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