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The 8 Best Chile Tours Sustainable Travelers Will Love

Chile is a magnificent, diverse country full of activities to satisfy every type of traveler. One of the longest countries in the world, Chile is most famous for its wine, its nature, and its poetry. Chile is a tourists dream, with a fantastic variety of Chile tours throughout the country, which is probably why it attracts 5 million tourists every year. Whether you’re visiting Chile to see the Atacama desert, world-famous vineyards, bustling cities like Santiago, or even trekking through awe-inspiring Patagonia – a trip to Chile will not disappoint. 

One of the best ways to see and do all that Chile has to offer is to take tours. Tours allow travelers to have curated experiences, led by experts, that cover the most territory in the shortest amount of time. All you have to do is show up with an open mind, ready to learn, and enjoy. 

Why Sustainable Tours? 

Not all Chile tours are created equal, which is why we recommend choosing sustainable group tours. In addition to providing you with a more authentic and unique experience, sustainable tours ensure that your impact as a tourist is a positive one. Sustainable tours strive to preserve the environment and support the local economy and people. 

Below we’ve gathered some of the best Chile tours that allow you to experience the top things to do in Chile as a sustainable tourist. We made sure to include a wide range of Chile tours throughout the country from our favourite, reputable sustainable tour operators. 

8 Sustainable Chile Tours that Feature the Best Things to do in Chile

Best Sustainable Patagonia Chile Tours

Patagonia Chile, Intrepid Travel
Photo by Intrepid Travel of Patagonia.

10 Day Patagonia Trek with Intrepid Travel

One of the top tourist attractions in Chile, and home to the best ecotourism initiatives, thousands sign up to hike through Patagonia every year. Starting in Santiago and ending in Buenos Aires, this 10-day trek takes you through some of the most stunning spots in the Patagonia region in both countries. All meals and accommodation are included as you hike through Punta Arenas, Puerto Natales, Torres Del Paine, El Calafate, and Perito Moreno Glacier. 

Why is it Sustainable?

Choosing to trek with Intrepid Travel helps minimize the consequences of your actions on the environment and overtourism in this popular region. As a sustainable travel company, they only lead treks with small groups and specialize in responsible travel. 

Torres Del Paine with G Adventures
Photo By G Adventures of Torres Del Paine.

6 Day Torres Del Paine & The W Trek with G Adventures

This sustainable tour covers one of the more popular and prettiest treks in Patagonia. You’ll be camping most nights and all meals are included. An expert local guide takes you hiking through the famous W Trek, Grey Glacier and French Valley. 

Why is it Sustainable?

G Adventures ensures their treks are sustainable by having local, expert guides lead small groups to minimize their impact and work to support the local community. 

Best Sustainable City Tours in Santiago

Santiago, Chile Tours by Locals
Photo by Tours by Locals of Santiago, Chile.

Walking Tour in Santiago City by Tours by Locals

This walking tour takes you straight into the heart of the capital city where you’ll take the famous metro system and roam throughout the capital while learning from your local guide. She’ll tell you about Santiago’s history from its dictatorship and current politics, as well as the best places to go in Santiago. 

Why is it Sustainable? 

There’s no better way to learn about the history of a place, and support the local spots, than by learning from a local guide. 

Santiago Mercados
Photo by Unsplash of a market in Santiago.

The Experience Gourmet by Tours by Locals

One of the most exciting things about visiting Santiago, Chile is trying all the local food! This tour gives you the best of both worlds. You get to learn how to cook Chilean cuisine from a Chilean chef! But before that you get to visit the bustling local markets, buying from the vendors directly before cooking, eating and drinking at a local chef's home. 

Why is it Sustainable? 

Supporting the local markets and learning how to cook traditional cuisine is a great way to get a taste of and support Chilean culture. 

For even more things to do in Santiago, Chile check out our sustainable city guide!

Best Sustainable Tour for A Day Trip from Santiago

Valparaiso, Chile
Photo by Pexels of Valparaiso, Chile.

Valparaiso, Vina Del Mar and Fine Wines in Casablanca by Tours by Locals

During this jam-packed tour, you’ll experience the most beautiful, coastal towns in Chile, including Valparaiso, a UNESCO heritage site. You’ll learn about the history of their street art, and the Valparaiso port. You’ll also get to support local, lesser known wineries in one of the most famous wine regions. 

Why is it Sustainable? 

Exploring popular Chile attractions with a local guide is a cultural experience that gives you unique insight into authentic Chile, while supporting local, lesser known businesses. 

Best Sustainable Tour in the Atacama Desert

Atacama Desert
Photo by Pexels of the Atacama Desert.

Highlands Salt Flat, Lagoons and Volcanoes by Tours by Locals

One of Chile’s top attractions, the Atacama Desert, is the driest desert on the planet – it gets less than one inch of rain per year! Throughout this tour you’ll get to enjoy the beauty of the Atacama desert while seeing a more local side. Your local guide will take you to lesser known natural spots as well as two different local villages in the area for shopping and eating. 

Why is it Sustainable?

By visiting the lesser known areas, you can better protect the environment. Additionally, you’ll be supporting the local economy that doesn’t always reap the benefits of tourism. 

Best Sustainable Cultural Tour in Chile

Mapuche Ruka
Photo by Tours by Locals of a Mapuche community.

Local Mapuche Community Tour by Tours by Locals

This local tour guide will take you to the Mapuche Museum in Concepcion, and then you’ll get to visit a local Mapuche community where you can learn and eat with the Mapuche people. 

Why is it Sustainable?

The Mapuche are the Indigenous people in Chile. Learning from and supporting them while visiting Chile is an exciting top priority for any sustainable tourist.

Best Sustainable Winery Tour in Chile

Chilean grapes
Photo by Tours by Locals of Chilean grapes.

Concepcion-Chile Tour: Biobio Winery & Tasting Tour by Tours by Locals

As the world’s 4th largest wine exporter, Chile takes wine seriously. With the ideal climate for producing a range of red and white grapes, tasting your way through Chile’s wine regions is an activity not to be missed. This tour explores the vineyards in the Biobio valley, one of the oldest, natural vineyards in Chile. 

Why is it Sustainable?

Supporting lesser known wineries with the help of a local guide in a region that’s using natural and ancient production methods is a great way to support wine tourism sustainably. 

If you’re interested in making your entire trip to Chile sustainable, we can help! Check out our guide to green transportation, how to book sustainable accommodation, and how to fly to Chile sustainably. Looking for even more Chile tours? Check out this list of reputable and green tour operators to find additional sustainable Chile tours.

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