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Best Carbon Offset Programs for 2021

Increasing levels of worldwide carbon emissions pose a threat to life on Earth, and it's our daily activities that produce considerable amounts of carbon. We are at record levels of CO2 in the atmosphere and the results of climate change are profoundly affecting human life around the world.

During traveling, for instance, a lot of fossil fuel is burned, which releases lots of carbon into the environment. Therefore, it’s our duty as sustainable travelers to offset the negative impact of our activities. That’s why carbon offset programs are being created to begin to repair the damage to our natural world.

Companies and individuals alike can participate in actions that counter the impact of emissions created by our day-to-day life. These certified programs aim to protect ecosystems, support community development, and reduce emissions.

Although the ultimate goal is to change our daily activities to eco-friendly practices, some carbon emissions are difficult to eliminate entirely. In the meantime, carbon offsetting can help. We have reviewed several carbon offset tools that you can rely on to help compensate for your carbon footprint. Read on!

Do Carbon Offsets Actually Work?

Carbon Offset projects can help reduce greenhouse gas in the environment. This is possible through projects such as renewable energy, and tree planting. For an offset program to work, there should be an efficient way to calculate emissions and a scheme or project that neutralizes a similar amount of carbon emitted.

What is the Best Way to Offset Carbon?

The best way to offset your carbon footprint is by calculating your footprint with a certified calculator and then funding projects that can reduce the exact or more amount of carbon that you emit. Both individuals and businesses can offset carbon through supporting sustainable initiatives such as green energy, reforestation, ecosystem restoration, and carbon sequestration.

How Much Does it Cost to Offset 1 Ton of Carbon?

The price of offsetting a ton of carbon varies depending on the program, type of project, the project’s carbon standard, and offset location. Through the program’s calculator, you can view how much carbon you are emitting and the cost of offsetting a ton. It’s best to choose a budget-friendly program that matches your offsetting goals.

What are the Best Carbon Offset Programs?

Any carbon offset program backed by solid initiatives and certification is an ideal partner. Wren carbon offset allows you to calculate your carbon footprint and fund carbon reduction and projects to neutralize your emissions.

Here are some of the best carbon offset programs:

  • Ecologi
  • Go Climate
  • Native Energy
  • Sustainable Travel International
  • Terrapass
  • The Nature Conservancy

Best Overall Carbon Offset Program

Here are our picks for the top carbon offset tools that help enhance sustainability by tackling carbon emissions:


The best overall carbon offset program

Wren’s carbon offsetting program makes it easy to offset your carbon footprint. With the aim of creating projects that protect the world, Wren has embarked on a journey to mitigate the climate crisis. Wren allows organizations and individuals alike to understand their carbon footprint and figure out how they can best contribute towards carbon reduction.

Using this carbon offsetting tool is rather easy. Their calculator allows you to figure out the amount of carbon you are emitting by considering the main factors around you that lead to the production of greenhouse gasses. Once you’ve figured out the emissions, you can choose how you want to offset them. Wren’s offsetting programs include:

  • Promoting regenerative agroforestry
  • Tech-enable rainforest protection
  • Community tree planting
  • Clean cooking fuel

Wren works with various organizations all over the world to offset greenhouse emissions. Through projects such as planting new forests and promoting clean cooking fuel, this program helps slow down the impact of climate change.

These projects are measurable, transparent, and sustainable. Once you’ve made an offset, you can easily track its impact. Wren provides access to all documentation and data about the project, so you can be assured of transparency and accountability.

Native Energy

Through various projects, Native Energy has revolutionized the process of carbon offsetting. Since 2000, this program has been providing various climate change solutions. Its carbon offset program is one of the most sustainable ever. It revolves around strengthening farming communities, biodiversity, and agriculture.

Native Energy has different offset programs for both businesses and individuals. Individuals can choose between monthly, quarterly, or annual plans. For businesses, Native Energy develops tailored projects that align with the businesses’ sustainability goals. The Help Build program allows cooperation between Native Energy and the respective business, to build unique projects that meet their requirements. Some of Help Build projects include:

  • Ecosystem restoration
  • Carbon Sequestration
  • Habitat and wildlife protection
  • Smallholder farmer development
  • Soil health
  • Renewable energy

With Help Build offsets, organizations can choose long-term carbon reductions upfront. Native Energy manages all operations and provides progress reports throughout the project’s life. Above all, these projects have environmental and social benefits and have community connections.


GoClimate allows you to take responsibility for your actions that lead to carbon emissions. It accelerates the journey towards a climate-friendly lifestyle by funding effective climate projects.

The carbon footprint calculator, tailored climate reports, and self-serve solution make Go Climate one of the best carbon offset programs. It calculates your carbon footprint and gives you a comprehensive report on all sources of emissions. The variety of projects offered by GoClimate ensures you can stay responsible for your actions.

All projects by GoClimate align with UN sustainability goals. Some of these projects include:

  • Methane digesters
  • Wind energy
  • Solar plants

Besides offsetting emissions, GoClimate educates and inspires individuals to lower their carbon footprint.


Ecologi provides an easy-to-use subscription model, for both businesses and individuals who need to make a positive climate impact. This program connects people to an engaging, transparent, and cost-effective way to climate action.

Ecologi aims to make a positive and meaningful contribution to the planet by creating a carbon-positive environment. It partners with climate projects globally to offset carbon emissions. Any subscription is channelled directly to emission-reducing projects.

All projects by Ecologi have been certified by Gold Standard, an independent organization that sets the standards for climate and development interventions. Besides, all projects are science-backed as having a positive impact on carbon reduction. To help offset carbon in the environment, Ecologi focuses its efforts on reforestation. Also, it supports various incredible projects such as wind and solar energy as well as water conservation.

Best Carbon Offset Tool for Businesses

Business-centric carbon offsetting programs help attain long-term sustainability and social responsibility goals. Here are some of the best carbon offset programs that your business can choose:


Terrapass helps businesses curb climate change in various ways. It offers a variety of resources that make it easy to understand carbon footprint. Also, it partners with sustainable energy companies to provide corporations with carbon offsets and renewable energy credits.

Through purchasing Terrapass carbon offsets, organizations directly fund greenhouse gas reduction projects. This program helps organizations to become as carbon-neutral as possible. Additionally, these carbon offsets are certified by the Climate Action Reserve. They maintain high standards and promote sustainability.

To make it easy for businesses to take responsibility for their actions, Terrapass provides various plans. The Green-e Energy Certified Terrapass RECS plan is a renewable energy concept aimed at positive environmental impact through renewable energy.

Another program, the Flight Carbon Offset, was designed for travel enterprises to help offset their carbon footprint. Other Terrapass plans include:

  • Carbon Balanced Business Plan
  • Business Carbon Offsets
  • Business Festive Bundle
  • Business Gift of Terrapass
  • Business BEF WRCs


Offsetra is a business-centric carbon management tool that allows the offsetting of global emissions. It aims at carbon neutrality and sustainability by supporting a wide range of green initiatives.

All Offsetra projects are verified by the APX carbon registry. They include:

  • Reforestation initiatives
  • Renewable energy
  • Methane capture

These high-impact, socially-driven projects allow businesses to efficiently offset their carbon emissions. When offsetting greenhouse emissions with Offsetra, you help humanity advance towards an environmentally friendly and carbon-neutral world.

Best Carbon Offset Tool for Individuals

Humans, directly and indirectly, contribute to carbon emissions through our daily activities. Here are some of the best carbon offset tools for individuals:

GozAround Green Offset Tool

GozAround is an ideal choice if you are looking to offset your household carbon emissions. It has a simplified approach that allows you to calculate your carbon footprint and offset it accordingly.

GoZAround has verified carbon reduction projects depending on the volumes of your emissions. Top projects include tree planting, wind power generation, sustainable cooking energy, and much more. This program aims to reduce the use of fossil fuels, minimize energy consumption, and capture carbon in the environment.


Myclimate is your ultimate at-home carbon offset partner. This tool offers solutions for your everyday life so you can contribute towards sustainability and environmental conservation.

The carbon emission calculator for cars allows you to calculate the carbon footprint for all your journeys. You can determine the volume of CO2 emissions from journeys that make contributions to climate protection projects. Also, this program provides tips on how to reduce emissions and protect the environment.

With Myclimate, you can choose the conservation project you want. Myclimate is committed to sustainable climate protection. It also funds projects that impact families and local communities, such as:

  • Drinking water
  • Protection of forests and wildlife
  • Solar energy
  • Waste management

 With Myclimate, you can easily track your projects effectively.

Carbon Fund

Carbon Fund allows individuals to offset their lives through contributing to various eco-friendly activities. If your lifestyle leads to CO2 emissions, this tool is designed to help you compensate nature by making positive impacts in other areas.

This program gives you an estimate offset for your home depending on its location, size, and number of occupants. Carbon Fund provides various options to offset your carbon footprint. You can offset as an individual, couple, family, or choose to offset for a lifetime. Also, you can offset your air travels as well as the carbon footprint of your car. This depends on your fuel consumption for car mileage and for air travel.

The best thing with the Carbon Fund offset is that you can choose monthly, quarterly, annual, and custom-made plans. All funds go directly to sustainable projects such as forest conservation, renewable energy, and energy efficiency. Carbon Fund also provides handy tips on carbon reduction.

Best Carbon Offset Tool for Tourism

The various forms of transportation involved in the tourism industry play a significant role in contributing to carbon emissions. The goal of sustainable tourism is to mitigate or eliminate the negative impacts of travel, carbon offsetting tools can be a good starting point.   

Sustainable Travel International Carbon Offset Program

This program has a highly efficient and sustainable carbon offset program for tourism. You can purchase offset credits from Sustainable Travel International to compensate for your travel carbon footprint. Offset credits are tradable certificates issued by the government of certification bodies, permitting the owner to emit one ton per credit. You can purchase credits equivalent to the volume of your emissions. They also go beyond carbon reduction to create opportunities that benefit local communities in travel destinations.

This carbon offset program aims to protect the travel destinations you visit, their wildlife, and the local communities. Sustainable Travel International works alongside the communities to protect cultural and natural heritage and ensure tourism meets the local needs. Since local communities are the lifeblood of tourism, this program puts their interests on top.

Sustainable Travel International also encourages tourism businesses to adopt eco-friendly practices that contribute to the wellbeing of the resources they depend on. Also, it engages travelers in advocating for ecotourism and equipping them with information so they can make informed choices.

The Nature Conservancy

The Nature Conservancy offset tool allows you to make gift contributions towards its conservation program. It aims to plant a billion trees to curb deforestation and expand forest cover.

The Nature Conservancy offset is a transparent and accountable program you can trust. Every dollar is used efficiently, sustainably, and ethically. Just like with the Wren offset, you can easily track how your donations are utilized. Nature Conservancy provides annual audited reports to all its users.

Impact Carbon

Impact Carbon has embarked on a mission to protect the environment and slow climate change. It supports projects that help people to access green energy, clean water, and much more. Thanks to its strong core values, collaboration, and resilience, Impact Carbon aims to positively impact the world.

Impact Carbon’s offset projects have gained international recognition. The Safe Water for Schools program is recognized by the United Nations. In the Earthrise documentary by Al Jazeera, Impact Carbon was featured for its impact on climate conservation in various parts of the world, especially in Uganda. Also, Impact Carbon is an active partner of the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves (GACC), which distributes millions of improved cookstoves globally.

Best Monthly Subscription

While most of these offset tools focus on long-term approaches, it’s possible to choose monthly programs for your short-term goals.

Cool Effect

Cool Effect is among the best carbon offset tools that allow for monthly subscriptions. With as little as $20 per month, you can compensate for your carbon emissions. This tool has an easy-to-use process that allows you to set up a monthly plan and get going.

Cool Effect’s carbon offsets allow both businesses and travelers to compensate for their carbon emissions by contributing to programs that positively impact the environment. It advises businesses to switch to energy-efficient installations and to compost waste if they can. The flight-offsets allow for sustainable flying as travelers and enterprises alike offset their travel carbon footprint.

Every project run by Cool Effect is highly sustainable. With this offset tool, you can pick from various projects that align with customer needs and organizational goals. The projects have been scientifically validated and are streamlined to give you transparency and confidence. Also, all contributions fund efforts to fight climate change.

How to Choose the Best Carbon Offsets

With so many carbon offset programs available, choosing the most suitable one for you can be difficult. These tools have different approaches to curbing carbon emissions and sustainability.

Here are some key aspects to consider when looking for carbon offset tools:

Verifiable Track Record

Before choosing a carbon offset program, it’s best to look into its past contributions to sustainability. Programs such as Wren, Native Energy, and Terrapass have a history of positive climate impact. If it’s a new program, you can check whether it’s certified by relevant bodies.

Environmental Impact

How do offset projects impact the world? Is the impact any significant? Ideally, any offset project should have a positive impact on the environment. Projects such as renewable energy, tree planting, and energy conservation go a long way in fighting climate change.


Does the offset tool provide details on how your funds are spent? Your offset provider should be transparent and accountable. Ideally, you should get reports or be able to track the projects. For instance, the Wren offset tool allows users to track and verify their various projects.

Permanent Solution

Offsetting carbon emissions should be a permanent solution rather than a short-term fix. Therefore, it’s best to choose offsetting programs that emphasize long-term goals. Choose a carbon offset tool with a long-term blueprint that supports sustainability.

Matches with Business Principles

While there are various carbon offset programs, it’s best to choose the ones that align with your organizational goals and customer needs. The best carbon offset is one that enhances brand reputation and helps achieve social responsibility goals. An offset project can be a great one, but it makes little sense if it doesn’t align with your goals.

The Bottom Line

Choosing a carbon offset tool is a great step towards social responsibility. Contributing to these offset programs allows you to compensate for the emissions that your day-to-day life might create. The various projects initiated through these programs help reduce carbon and curb climate change. With projects such as Wren, you’ll always be responsible for your carbon-emitting activities.

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