Best Apps for Sustainable Travel

If we are lucky, traveling is part of our life, and it’s increasingly important to check our travel impact on the environment, culture, and climate. One of the best parts about living in a world of tech, is that you can find almost anything you want on a mobile app, to help you travel responsibly. Smartphone apps for sustainable travel play a key role in leading us towards a more sustainable lifestyle through education and access to ethical services.

Eco apps help push forward ecotourism in numerous ways. They can help calculate our green footprint, find sustainable accommodation, locate eco-friendly eateries, and more.

We have found a wide range of eco-friendly apps that help us travel responsibly. Read on!

Hopper Trees

One of the best apps for sustainable travel

Hopper Trees is a sustainable travel booking app for booking hotels and flights. Through every booking you make, Hopper plants up to four trees to help offset your carbon footprint.

To manage this initiative, Hopper partners with Eden Restoration Projects for tree planting projects. Through this partnership, they can identify areas to reforest, hire and train locals, and protect and maintain the new forests. This initiative contributes to sustainability by not only offsetting carbon emissions, but by employing people in areas where reforestation is needed.


FairTrip is a collaborative app that allows travelers to find and share authentic local places and support local communities. Available on Android and iOS devices, this app helps users search for shops, activities, and restaurants that promote responsible tourism. The app’s mission is to change the dynamics of travel towards sustainability, and a style of tourism that can benefit the planet.

FairTrip is committed to helping travelers find authentic places for unforgettable travel experiences. It also aims to bring different cultures together, reduce poverty, and promote sustainable economic growth.


HopStop is a transit and navigation guide for taxi, subway, and door-to-door biking. Through this app, travelers can easily travel and explore the world responsibly.

HopStop has three major green initiatives:

  • The Green Restaurant partnership
  • Carbon emissions savings calculator
  • B-Corp Certification

The HopStop carbon calculator allows users to search for directions and quantify the amount of carbon emitted as a result of the journey. This enables travelers to choose travel options with the least carbon footprint.

In an effort to help travelers dine more sustainably, HopStop has a partnership with Green Restaurant Association. This association certifies restaurants that meet a set of environmental standards. Travelers can easily access green restaurants through the “Dine Green” directory on the app.

HopStop is a B-Corp certified service provider, meaning it meets environmentally and socially proven sustainability standards.


Avoiding meat is one of the best ways of reducing environmental impact as the current agro practices for meat production are not only mostly unethical, but have a major negative impact on the environment as well. As a result, the Happy Cow eco app provides vegan-friendly restaurant guides. It shows purely vegan restaurants and those that try to minimize meat as much as possible.

The app is available in over 180 countries, meaning you can access vegan food almost everywhere. Through this app, you can access vegan food delivery hassle-free. It saves you lots of time as it makes it easy to find veggie restaurants.

Nosh Planet

Nosh Planet allows you to find sustainable and ethical food regardless of where you are. It lists local-to-your-location eateries that incorporate ethical practices and activities. Rather than you having to research different restaurants in search of an ethical one, this sustainable app does it for you.

Nosh Planet has partnered with several independent organizations such as the Certified Green Restaurant to scrutinize hotels’ sustainability. It has also partnered with third-party organizations that research and bring onboard eco-friendly hotels. This makes it easy for travelers to purchase foods in hotels with eco-labels.

Green Globe

The Green Globe App helps travelers find eco-friendly properties, hotels, cruise ships, conference centers, and tours. It has a sustainability criteria and a rigorous scrutinizing process that ensures it lists properties that meet the Green Globe Standard. This standard is a set of sustainability criteria that each organization must meet if they want to receive an eco-certification.

Through this app, you can be sure of getting great green transportation deals. It is compatible with all iOS 3.0 devices or later.


GreenChoice is a free app that allows you to buy ethical foods, hence avoiding practices that have a hard impact on the environment. This app is designed to help you shop sustainably, eat healthily and is available on Android and iOS devices.

With GreenChoice, you can set your dietary preferences, shopping values, etc., and search for the best foods that meet your requirements. It lists groceries with the most sustainable and cost-effective products. Also, it has unbiased GreenScore ratings that rank eateries in terms of eco-friendliness. 

Green Travel Choice

The Green Travel Choice is one of the apps for sustainable travel that every eco-conscious and responsible traveler should consider. This app provides details of environmentally friendly means of transport. It provides guides on how to travel responsibly

This app is available for iOS devices. It provides crucial information on making responsible choices such as choosing the best camping gear, luggage checklists, and more.

Oneplanet Rating

OnePlanet is a review platform dedicated to sustainable travel and tourism. Users can rate hotels, sites, eateries, and even cities based on their environmental friendliness and sustainable practices through this app. It aims to accelerate sustainable travel and make it the mainstream.

These reviews provide handy insights for travelers who plan to travel responsibly. You can rely on this app to access vegan eateries, responsible hotels, and eco-friendly means of transport.


Oroeco is an eco-friendly app that aims to raise awareness about the impact of travel on global warming and climate change. It helps you track your carbon footprint and the overall impact on the climate. Its calculator is highly accurate, and you can rely on it to analyze the impact of all your activities, from traveling to eating.

After calculating your daily habits, you can find ways to improve. It gives you actionable tips on how to reduce pollution and save money while traveling.


iRecycle helps you locate the nearest available recycling options. This app lists a wide range of recyclers where you can take any materials that you want to recycle. All you need is to enter your location details and then find nearby facilities for things you want to recycle. Ideally, it was created to allow people to find convenient recycling opportunities, therefore, minimizing waste.

The app is easy to use and it offers numerous ways to recycle all sorts of materials you can think of.

Good Guide

The Good Guide app equips users with information about eco-friendly products. It consists of ratings for over 200k products across various categories such as health, food, baby care, survival, and more. Each item has a rating based on its impacts on the environment.

This tool also has a scanner feature that allows you to scan items before purchasing. After scanning, it provides information about the brand and provides alternatives should the product be unethical. While it’s only efficient for commercially available products in the US, it’s a great way to find healthy, safe, and green products.

Lime Bike

Looking forward to a carbon-free trip? If yes, Lime Bikes should be your ideal travel partner. This service provides electric scooters, bikes, and mopeds to help you travel sustainably. It is available in over 150 cities globally, you’ll easily access eco-friendly travel options that meet your needs.

Lime Bikes helps to revolutionize urban traffic through an electric, carbon-free future. Besides providing green micro mobility, Lime Bike partners with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) to provide education about sustainability and promote cleaner modes of transportation. The organization is committed to achieving carbon-negative status in its entire supply chain by 2025.


If you are physically able, riding a bicycle is arguably one of the best ways to travel around. Spinlister is a peer-to-peer bicycle lending app that lists local bicycle lenders. The platform connects owners with people looking to borrow or rent bikes for travel. You can easily find bicycle lenders in your location through this app and it helps you make an easy choice, rather than traveling by car.

Spinlister has an easy-to-use rental process and various theft and damage protection options to ensure convenience for both the lender and the rider. Recently, Spinlister introduced other categories such as snowboard, Ski, surfboard, and paddleboard renting.


Olio is an eco-friendly app that allows sharing when on the go. You can share extra food that you do not consume with people who need it through this app. It’s a great way to provide others with surprise food that you may have. In turn, you can also turn on the app and connect with people offering surplus meals. This sustainable app is a great way to reduce food wastage and save as much money as possible.


GoCarma helps reduce solo-driving, an act that leads to excess carbon emissions. It automatically matches travelers and connects different people traveling in the same direction, reducing the need to use numerous cars.

Through this app, you can get in touch with other carpoolers and have a ride together. The best thing about sharing a car is that it helps minimize emissions and traffic. Besides, it is an affordable way of traveling as it helps you lower the cost of transportation.


Purchasing locally grown foods is a more sustainable way of obtaining food. Locavore helps you to find local and in-season green produce almost anywhere. This app is available on both Google Play Store and App Store, so you can easily revolutionize your travel with ethical eating. It encourages travelers to shift to local farmers and markets for fresh, nutritious, and tastier products.

With this app, you can anticipate local commodities that are utterly delicious as it promises a thrilling dining experience. It is an easier way to locate and support local farmers. Besides, it educates you on the various vegetables and fruits and how to eat them.


Ecoasia is a unique search engine that plants trees with 80 percent of its profits. Companies pay for advertisements to show up in search results.

The best thing about using Ecosia is that it provides relevant search results. It’s ideal for travel searches as it commits a large part of its revenue to save the planet from climate change. Ecosia claims to have planted over 129 million trees over 9,000 sites.

My Little Plastic Footprint

My Little Plastic Footprint is an eco app designed to help travelers reduce their carbon footprint by choosing plastic-free sustainable alternatives. This app aims towards helping travelers acquire non-plastic materials that are often toxic.

To use this app, all you need is to select the key areas to reduce your carbon footprint, i.e., kitchen, garden, bathroom, leisure, travel, and household, so you can start planning how to reduce your plastic footprint.


If you want to shop sustainably while traveling, the Giki app comes in handy. It scans hundreds of thousands of supermarket products and provides ethical information on each product’s environmental impact. Its mission is to help you know how sustainable products are by providing transparent, independent, and accessible information about everyday products.

The Giki App is ideal if you want to reduce your carbon footprint through sustainable shopping. This app does all for you, whether it's finding recyclers, improving animal welfare, cutting toxic chemicals, or eating healthy. With it, you will easily understand the impact of your products and help you purchase from brands that meet your sustainability goals.

The Bottom Line

Going green and being eco-friendly is not as hard, thanks to mobile tech that allows you to access many services while on the go. Sustainable travel apps are a great way to promote eco-conscious travel and help you make responsible travel decisions. The wide range of eco apps should guide you to make the right decisions while traveling.

These apps will change your travel habits and make you more eco-conscious. All you need is to choose the ones you want and get going!

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