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23 Must-Read Travel Blogs [Sustainable Travel!]

The spirit of sharing is fundamental to the experience of travel: we open our homes and hearts, we tell stories, and we partake in rituals and traditions. We also share resources with one another. Whether we travel domestically or abroad, solo or with a group, we depend on the wealth of information shared by fellow travelers to guide us.

At Hidden Lemur, we aim to bring readers the most helpful resources possible when it comes to ethical travel. So what better way than to share the insights of our fellow travel bloggers? For a healthy dose of inspiration and sound advice from seasoned globetrotters, here are twenty-three of our favorite travel blogs — all of which promote sustainable travel. 

Green Blogs and Eco Friendly Blogs For Travelers

Softback Travel

When you arrive on the homepage of Softback Travel, you’ll notice an invisible set of hands typing ON THE SAME PAGE AS THE PLANET in the center of the page. And it seems that these “two eco-conscious digital nomads on a mission to raise awareness about Responsible Tourism and Wildlife Conservation” are exactly where they claim to be. From eco-living tips, to destination guides and more, this couple offers thoughtful resources to help travelers embrace the environment as they explore it. 


Green Suitcase Travel

The Green Suitcase Travel blog is the loving eco-creation of a self-declared collection of artists, thinkers, and like-minded individuals, who want to help readers “travel on purpose”. Whether you’re in the market for some non-touristy tourism, looking to delve into wondering whether or not it’s possible to have an ethical shark dive, or need help finding the best sustainable travel apps for your phone, Green Suitcase Travel has you covered.     


Green Around the Globe

Keith and Amy Sutter saw the recession of 2008-09 as an opportunity to reinvent their careers and took an “adult gap year” to travel the world. Their year abroad took them to 18 countries and five continents, where they witnessed how local businesses embrace and benefit from sustainability. Although Keith and Amy don’t travel full time anymore, their lifestyle and careers were profoundly influenced by the lessons they learned abroad. They have shared some of those insights in a section of their blog labeled: case studies.


Green Means Go Travel

Journalist and content strategist Vanessa McGrady has a refreshing take on sustainable travel– she’s willing to admit that no one is eco-perfect. In her blog, Green Means Go Travel, she writes honestly about her mission to live a meaningful, thoughtful life and shares elegant, practical and efficient solutions to the challenges she faces. Vanessa integrates travel and lifestyle tips from advice for finding healthy sunscreen to stories of volunteerism in the Dominican Republic.


Food and Travel Blogs That Promote Sustainability

Justin Plus Lauren

Lauren, the voice behind Justin Plus Lauren, is a full-time travel blogger whose hunger for adventure came alive when she met her boyfriend, Justin. Lauren’s blog focuses on kind travel, and in addition to helpful resources and destination guides, she has dedicated an entire column of her site to plant-based cuisine from around the world. For vegans, vegetarians or people looking to make less impact with their dietary choices, her vegan guides are a great place to start. 


Travel with Kat

“Discovering new countries, cultures and cuisines” is the motto front-and-center of Kat Burrington’s award winning travel blog. Here, readers can find an ever-growing collection of the recipes Kat has gathered on her journeys, as well as mouthwatering profiles of culinary destinations worldwide. In addition to being a foodie, Kat is an accomplished academic and travel photographer.  Initially, Kat did not set out to write a sustainable travel blog. In 2008, however, she won the AITO Responsible Tourism Award for her volunteer work supporting children’s health care and realized that her ideals naturally align with those of the sustainable travel community. Today, she travels by her own sustainability policy and encourages readers to do the same. 

Live More, Travel More

Founder Elaine Villatoro's Live More, Travel More blog is packed with practical guides for anyone who wants to travel more sustainably, while also providing guidance for staying healthy while on the road and living nomadically. A native of Brazil, Villatoro's expertise shines through most in her guides to various destinations within her home country. However, you can find easily digestible sustainable travel guides to countries like South Africa and Australia as well.


Nature Travel Blogs

Ethical Traveler

Ethical Traveler is a nonprofit organization that aims to protect human rights and the environment by harnessing the economic power of tourism. E.T. curates a collection of Ethical Journeys, or small group trips that help eco-travelers take their impact to a whole new level by adhering to the highest possible standards. Visit this informative website to read about the world’s most ethical destinations, listen to podcast episodes, or register for an upcoming trip. 


Good Nature Travel

“Good Nature Travel is the official travel blog of Natural Habitat Adventures, a nature and adventure travel company that focuses on seeing the world’s most amazing natural places with minimal impact.” – Nathab website.  As a dual entity, Nathab and Good Nature Travel make the perfect all-in-one travel resource for adventurers and conservationists. Nathab takes care of the trip planning aspect, offering eco-conscious expeditions from Antarctica to Zambia, while its informative sister blog, Good Nature Travel, features wildlife and nature inspiration, travel tips, and conservation updates. Since 1985, Nat Hab’s professional naturalist guides have led travelers on unforgettable adventures in nature without harming the environment. Nathab is also the world’s first one hundred percent carbon neutral travel company, meaning that they offset one hundred percent of emissions from every single adventure they facilitate. As the conservation travel partner of the World Wildlife Fund, Natural Habitat Adventures has provided over $4.5 million to WWF, and will give one percent of gross sales plus $125,000 annually through 2023.


Travel For Wildlife

Zoologist Cristina Garcia and wildlife photographer Hal Brindley are a husband and wife team who travel the world and promote responsible wildlife tourism. They have developed in-depth country guides for responsible wildlife tourism in: Canada, The United States, Botswana, Namibia and South Africa, and Australia and are always expanding their lists. Their blog posts also tackle tricky topics in wildlife tourism such as whether or not to swim with stingrays, how our love for dolphins might be killing them, and Safari etiquette


 Solo Travel Blogs

Around The World in Eighty Years

“I create powerful visual stories in order to positively impact the lives of people around the world.” — Jim O’Donnell.

A prolific writer, photographer and explorer, O’Donnell explores the relationship between people and the environment. After ten years as an archaeologist and several more as the head of a non-profit public lands conservation organization, he fell in love with conservation photography as a more effective way to positively impact both the natural world and the human stories evolving within those landscapes. Today, he collaborates with clients in print, online publications, NGOs, governmental entities, online advocacy organizations, and works with local communities in a respectful, immersive style. Currently, O'donnell is working on two major writing projects: his debut novel, a work of speculative fiction focused on American climate change refugees, and a non-fiction travel/nature book that retraces the route of Zebulon Pike.


Girl About the Globe

GATG is an award winning travel blog geared toward sustainable solo travel for women. This blog provides empowering resources for first time solo travelers such as safety advice and recommendations on volunteer organizations, tours, and accommodations. In addition to making solo travel easier for women, Girl About The Globe is also committed to raising £100,000 to impact the lives of vulnerable girls about the globe by the year 2025. “We believe that every girl should have access to shelter, education, water, love, and protection, and we aim to empower and help those who don’t.” To see a detailed breakdown of their impact so far, click here


Once Upon a Saga

Torbjørn Pedersen left his home country of Denmark on October 10th, 2013 and hasn’t been back since. He set out with the goal of returning home again once he had spent more than 24 hours in every country in the world…without flying. In his blog, Thor documents his flightless travels around the globe, a land and sea journey to a total of 203 countries, which he estimates will culminate in 2022. Follow his travel route here


Couples Travel Blogs 

Charlie On Travel

Charlie Marchant and her partner, Luke Nicholson are digital nomads from the UK. Their partnership and enthusiasm for slow travel was ignited years ago when they taught english together in Taiwan. Today, the couple enjoy a slow travel lifestyle and write extensively about how they make it work. For couples who want to embark on a similar path, Charlie and Luke share their practical resources for slow travel such as house sitting options, short-term apartment rentals on Airbnbtravel budgets and costs, and packing lists. Their sustainable travel blog also promotes responsible wildlife and community tourism, staying in eco-friendly accommodations, house sitting, eating local food, and vegetarianism


Green Global Travel

Couple Bret Love and Mary Gabbett started Green Global Travel in 2010 and have since curated a veritable compendium of eco-travel information. With a passion for exploring the world's nature, wildlife, history, and indigenous cultures, they offer destination profiles, articles on conservation activism, tips for green living, and chronicles of their own eco-travel expeditions. This website contains tons of information, and features several contributing writers. To make it easy for readers to access content of interest, they’ve organized the bulk of the site into six easy-to-navigate categories: eco-tourism destinations, wildlife, national parks and reserves, conservation, Unesco sites/history, and cultural exploration


Soul Travel

In 2017, Ellie started writing a solo travel blog for women. Little did she know that her travels would soon lead her to her now-husband Ravi, and that they would continue their adventure together as champions for positive-impact tourism. With a new identity inspired by Ellie and Ravi’s partnership, Soul Travel has become a leading resource for responsible travel around the world, with a specific focus on The Middle East and India. To help travelers make transformative journeys in a compassionate way, Ellie and Ravi share their personal experiences and cover a broad range of sustainable travel topics, including train travel adventures, yogic travel, and “Best Of” destination guides.


The Crowded Planet

After years of backpacking around the world, husband-and-wife team Margherita and Nick started blogging to share their travel trips with friends and family. Several years later, The Crowded Planet has become a widely known resource for adventure travel. The website focuses on what this couple loves most; nature and adventure travel, with a nod to sustainability.  “In our opinion, nature and adventure can be found anywhere –  We write about ‘traditional’ nature and adventure travel, but also about alternative cities, urban nature and local festivals. There are no limits to what adventure can be, as long as you have an adventurous mind!” 


Family Travel Blogs 

Small Footprints, Big Adventures

Emma, the voice of Small Footprints, Big Adventures, is an Australian mother of two, wife, traveler, and sustainability enthusiast. She writes of her family’s travel experiences and their pursuit of a greener lifestyle with the dual mission of supporting sustainable, ethical and responsible family travel, and offering suggestions on how to build a more eco-aware lifestyle.


Otis and Us

Katy, Paul, and their 3 young children are the poster family for #vanlife. Otis and Us is their family travel blog, where you will find road trip ideas, glamping inspiration, festival life, suggestions for days out with kids and family travel tips. As their family began to grow, the couple spent a few years converting their van to a camper, which they lovingly named Otis. (What a great example of upcycling!) Their blog encourages readers to spend time connecting with nature and offers inspiration for others who want to downsize and hit the road.


Crazy Family Adventure

This family of six started off with a pretty typical lifestyle – Mom stayed home with kids while husband went to work. They had a big house with a swimming pool, a swing set, a sandbox, a big deck, and TOO MUCH STUFF! So they decided to sell everything and move into an RV full-time. Their blog, and podcast Crazy Family Adventure chronicles their experiences of learning how to live in an RV, “unschooling their kids”, and deepening their family bond through travel. 


Luxury Travel Blogs That Promote Sustainability

Every Steph

Italian native Stefania Guglielmi combines glamour and eco-friendly travel in her travel and lifestyle blog, Every Steph. Her motto “green is the new black” informs the personality of her content – eco-conscious, fashion forward, and free-spirited. Her detailed reviews of eco-luxury resorts, sample itineraries, and green travel series, are perfect for eco-travelers who want to treat themselves to elegant experiences. Her lifestyle blog incorporates personal stories, glamour tips, recipes, and packing lists.



Verdemode is the newly reincarnated eco-travel blog of sustainability aficionado, Linda McCormick. In addition to curating wealth of information on eco travel planning, Verdemode offers readers expanded content on: sustainable living, innovations in green design, and news about sustainability and ethics in business. For readers looking to book a luxurious eco escape, visit the stay section of Verdemode and prepare to be dazzled.  

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Madison Micucci

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